Dear pupils, dear parents, dear teachers,

As last year, the ministry is again offering “Summerschool” before the start of the next academic year. From August 30th to September 10th, primary and secondary school students can take optional and free remedial classes.

The courses are based on thematic resources developed by teachers from public schools. From July 15th, each student can download these files here on, using their IAM identifier. This way, even students who do not physically participate in “Summerschool” in a school, can prepare for the start of their next academic year independently or with their family.

If you have any questions concerning “Summerschool” or Homelearning, you can contact the helpline 8002-9090.

I wish you a very pleasant holiday and stay healthy!

Claude Meisch
Minister for Education, Children and Youth


Si vous avez des questions ou désirez profiter d’un suivi psychologique, vous pouvez contacter le service d’assistance au numéro suivant : 8002 9090 ou utiliser le formulaire en ligne suivant :