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Dear parents,

It is a difficult task to offer help and support to you as parents, especially as parents of children with special needs, here at this point. The current situation is unfamiliar and sometimes very stressful for you as parents, but also for your children and the whole environment. Often the "normal" homework situation already presents a great challenge. This challenge is now faced every day, and not only at homework time, but also for everything else: lessons at home, playing, family life, possibly the home office, etc. This not only turns everyday life upside down, but can put the parent-child relationship to a massive test.

Enclosed you will find some tips and ideas to help you get through this difficult time.


  • Concentrate on the strengths of your child and do not well too long on the weaknesses.
  • Give the child time to relax between tasks, because 1:1 contact is very strenuous, even for your child.
  • Use the time spent together especially to make good experiences together. For this purpose, everyday activities that occur in and around the house (cooking, baking, cleaning, working in the garden, sewing, etc...) are also very suitable.
  • Less is sometimes more: talk to your child's teacher if you notice that the school workload is not manageable.

Very important: Do not put yourself under too much pressure! You are already doing a great job!!

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