The digital platform MathemaTIC offers school lessons, tests, practical exercises as well as digital tools that stimulate and motivate the pupils to develop and improve their mathematical skills. MathemaTIC covers in large part the most important mathematical subjects, such as basic arithmetical operations, algebra, problem solving and geometry.

Pupils work in interactive modules that activate their previous knowledge and stimulate them to reach new skill levels. Independent learning processes are stimulated through the use of various strategies. 

Originally, MathemaTIC was developped to meet demands of pupils in cycles 3 and 4 as well as students attending the first grades of secondary schools. As the platform is very flexible and adaptable, it can be of use to other levels of education too.

The platform is accessible via the Identity Access Managment (IAM) system.

MathemaTIC is available in German, French, English and Portuguese.


MathemaTIC allows the pupils to dive in a digital, multilingual and reactive study environment. The platform is consistent with the curriculums of primary and secondary schools in Luxembourg. Furthermore, specialized tools allow teachers to satisfy the individual needs and capacities of their students. Differentiated teaching methods stimulate and motivate students and avoid overstraining.

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