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CNL - Lëtzebuerger Literaturarchiv - YouTube channel for literature

Literature for children and teenagers in Luxembourg delivered to your home

Jo Lendle, Director of Hansen Verlag Hansen, comments on the leisure time resulting from the confinement, brought on us by Covid-19, as follows: “Zeit für Bilderbücher, Kinderbücher, Jugendbücher. Gelegenheit für eine Alphabetisierungswelle, wie es seit Harry Potter keine gab. ». (SZ, 18.03.2020) (Time for illustrated books, for children's and young adults' books. This is an opportunity to generate a wave of literacy among children unparalleled since the Harry Potter era.)

The National Centre for Literature - Lëtzebuerger Literaturarchiv shares this opinion and hopes that during this confinement, children and teenagers can use their free time to discover new worlds. The authors of Luxembourg, as well as their illustrators, have published exciting stories in recent years – original, or translated stories by well-known writers. Together with them and their publishers, we would like to share our literature by reading to you.

To this end, we have created a channel on YouTube which you can access here:, or by entering the title of our channel "CNL Literaturarchiv" on YouTube.

Initially, we will be focusing on children's and young adult literature. In order not to disrupt the daily schedule of the kids, we opted against live streaming. We chose YouTube because not everyone is registered on Facebook.

Our program covers literature for primary school and high school pupils, from toddlers to teenagers. We will read texts in Luxembourgish, German and French. Many stories are also listed in the children's book catalogue Lies a Fléi - de Katalog. The CNL, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and Youth, has invited writers - some of whom have already read excerpts from their works at various schools - to record reading sessions.

The CNL - Lëtzebuerger Literaturarchiv has therefore invited authors and publishers to participate in this project. An initiative, which can also be understood as a modest effort to financially support the writers and their publishers and at the same time, to give our readers a taste of the stories they can order from their bookseller.

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