Video - Lesson Plan - Presentation of professions

The pupil produces his or her own animated film on the subject of "professions".

The task is: think of a funny, important, exciting scene from the everyday life of the chosen profession and write a short story about it.

Similar to a flip book, StopMotion plays back several photos in quick succession.

If possible, the animated films can be produced in a team. The following roles can be assigned: 1-2 people move the figures, 1 person takes the photos, 1 person directs. The sound (speech, noises, music) is added later. Of course, all tasks can also be taken over by one and the same person.



Stopmotion App

Lego, Playmobil

(Sometimes paper and scissors are enough)

Tripod (This doesn't have to be anything of high quality, it is important that the camera stays in the same spot. With a little fantasy a lot is possible here)

Tips and tricks

In the beginning you should not move too many things at once and concentrate on 1-2 figures. Play the film with 4-6 frames per second, depending on how precisely the figures were moved.

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