CodyRoby is a card game that you can make yourself. Look at the instructions under Tips and Tricks. You can get the material under Weiterführende Links

The instructions are represented by colored symbol cards: move forward (green), turn left (yellow), turn right (red). The players act as Cody and use their cards to give instructions to Roby, who is represented by a figure on the game board. The game can also be played on the floor. Draw a large grid on the floor, the children then move around the playing field in the role of Roby.

Many different game variations are possible. The following 4 YouTube videos each show you a different game variant. Watch them and write instructions for each game (with all the rules).

Invent a new game variant yourself. Share it with your friends. You can also create and share a video of your game variant.

Tips and tricks

Instructions for making the game material and instructions for game variations:

Further links and material

Check out the attached PDF-file. 

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