"Klangrad" and "Klangrad Mini"

"Klangrad" (literally "sound circle") is a learning programme for fostering auditory perception. Its focus lies in the distinction of nonverbal sounds. Careful listening and discrimination of sounds are promoted in a playful manner and without using language. In addition, attentiveness, auditory memory and concentration are required and fostered to a large extent. 

There are five sound themes: birds, music, rhythm, technology and everyday life. Each theme comprises twenty tasks of increasing difficulty.

“Klangrad MINI” is a complement to „Klangrad”. It can be used for early childhood education and for elementary education. Unlike “Klangrad“, all sounds are connected to a picture. The pictures are shown as soon as a sound has been recognised.

There are four sound themes: animals, music, technology and everyday life. Each theme comprises twelve tasks of increasing difficulty.

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