Art Challenge II: Cast away – Lost in space

Art Challenge II: Gestrandet

In order to promote and support the commitment, creativity and motivation of students, the team of the www.eduart.lu website launches the artistic challenge Cast away – Lost in space and invites you to imagine the life and feelings of Major Tom.

Major Tom is an astronaut who gets into trouble after the launch of his spaceship and gets stranded in space. The Corona crisis provokes a similar individual isolation in order to decelerate the spread of coronavirus. Many people are feeling socially shielded or lonesome. Lost in their own world they are confronted to big incertitude. For a great many, the theme of existentialism is omnipresent. Describe the sentiment of insecurity and loss of control, just as Major Tom loses radio contact with ground station, or as refugees set out for uncertain future.

Come from the protagonist of Rocket Man (Stephen McNally & Majid Adid), cut out the figure or design your own astronaut. Orchestrate this figure in a new context and take pictures of your production. Your work should demonstrate the enmeshment of emotion, the psychological isolation and fear of uncertainty.

Creations are to be sent as a photo to eduart@men.lu. The deadline is the 4th of May 2020 at the latest. 



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