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In order to promote and support the commitment, creativity and motivation of students (EF, ES), the team of the  www.eduart.lu website launches the artistic challenge “PAST CENTURY, DADA & TODAY, GAGA” and invites you to create a figurative sculpture - "GAGA" - with worn objects, intended to be dumped, and to work in the spirit of Marcel Duchamp's "Found Objects".

All you'll need are used items, old packaging, cardboard bricks, empty bottles, old pieces of cloth, plastic bags, empty yoghurt pots, egg cartons… and a smidgen fantasy! After you've assembled your work, you choose a neutral place, a setting (a coulisse) for its installation and take a picture of it with your smartphone camera.

Tips and tricks:

  • First collect as many used items as possible, empty packaging ... to make different assemblages. Reserve the most original and cheerful ideas (GAGA).
  • Choose objects that can be easily cut out, assembled and transformed.

Rename the photos of your work: Name_Firstname_Title

Send it to the email address: eduart@men.lu until the 15th of September 2020!

Explanations and examples:

  • "Found Object ": (fr. “objet trouvé”) = A customary object, a manufactured object recovered by the artist, who gives this object a new meaning, a new significance by modifying it slightly and subsequently giving it an artistic value.
  • Robert Rauschenberg, APPALACHIAN DOUBLE LATCH SPRING GLUT, Assemblage, Pièces métalliques, 1989
  • Jack Milroy, SARDINE PICCANTI, Objet trouvé, 2013
  • Romuald Hazoumè, WAX BANDANA, Objets trouvés, 2009


The website www.eduart.lu is the official web platform for art education in Luxembourg (ESC and ESG) and offers the general public, the school public (pupils and teachers), as well as any other art lover a showcase of all possible facets of the branch.


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