Winners of the Art Challenge Cast away - Lost in space

Art Challenge

In order to promote and support the commitment, creativity and motivation of students, the team of the www.eduart.lu website launched the artistic challenge Cast away – Lost in space and invited you to imagine the life and feelings of Major Tom.

9 students from Cycle 1 (primary school) to 1re (secondary school) took part in the challenge and sent in 18 fantastically creative and original productions.

The jury enjoyed especially 5 productions for their show of creativity and technical skill and awarded a prize to the following students:

Enseignement fondamental

Cycle 1

  • Amélie KAYSER

Cycle 2

  • Enzo WEYLER

Cycle 3

  • René KAMRADA

Cycle 4

  • Yoann WEYLER

Enseignement secondaire



The jury would like to invite everyone to take part in the Schouldoheem Art Challenges and are looking forward to future contributions.

Thank you for participating and congratulations!


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